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Subscription FAQ

Answers to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our Store’s Ethics in a Nutshell

  • We respect your privacy and will never sell or trade your email address.
  • When providing your email address, by default you will be opted out of our mailing lists, and will have to specifically opt in if you wish to receive newsletters. We may still of course email you regarding your account status, or in relation to existing orders and upgrades, or requests you may have made in order to better serve you.
  • In order to better protect you, we do not retain or have access to your credit card number (apart from the last four digits) once you have completed your transaction. This is instead retained by our financial services institution.
  • We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and we do not accept 3rd party advertising in our online store, on our main web site or in our print magazine.
  • If you have a concern, we believe in the personal touch and our staff are available to assist you in person during our normal office hours or via phone or email.

Magazine Subscription Questions

When can I expect my new subscription order to arrive?
New subscribers in the US will receive their first print issue within 3-5 weeks. Outside the US can take 6-8 weeks. Digital editions of the current issue will be available immediately. Subsequent digital editions will be available every quarter and we will send you an email when they are available, so please keep your email address with us up to date. If you've ordered a back issue, book, poster, or any other product, your product order will be shipped within 2-5 business days.
When is YES! Magazine published?
YES! Magazine is published four times per year. Approximate maildates are:

Winter -November 15
Spring - February 15
Summer - May 15
Fall - August 15
When does my subscription expire?

If you subscribe to the print magazine, look on the label of your most recent magazine, and above your name on the right is the quarter of the last issue you will receive. Example: Summer 2016. You can also log in to your account and click "Renew Subscription" to see the date of your last issue.

If you are a digital only subscriber, log in to your account and click "Renew Subscription" to see the date of your last issue.

You will begin receiving renewal notices when you have 2 remaining issues in your subscription unless you are signed up for Evergreen auto-renewal. If you are a current Evergreen subscriber you will receive an email notice approximately 30 days before we renew your subscription to verify your payment information is current.

How do I change my address?
You can log in to your account, using your subscriber account number and zip code to set up an account, or using your email and password if you already have set up an account.
How do I find my account number?
If you subscribe to the print magazine, it is on your magazine address label above your name. If you are a digital only subscriber, it is included in emails you've received about accessing your digital editions.
How do I change my account's email address?
To change your email address for your magazine subscription and/or store account, please log in using your old email address then go to My Account and click on Edit in the Account Information section.
Do you offer digital versions of your magazine, an Android or iPhone app or an iPad or other tablet app?

We are pleased to offer a digital version of the magazine, available with our all access print + digital subscription or our digital only subscription. This includes an interactive version of the magazine that you can view with a browser on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, and a pdf version that you can download.

We do not have any apps at this time.

Where can I find my digital editions of YES! Magazine?
You can find your digital editions at yesmagazine.org/allaccess. You will also receive an email when a new issue becomes available. If you haven't already, you may need to set up an account in order to log in and view your digital editions.

Donation Questions

Are donations to YES! tax-deductible?
YES! Magazine is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
How do I update my payment information?
To change the card information for your recurring donation, first log in to your account here. On your account page, click Edit under Credit Card in the Subscriptions and Donations section (in the upper right). If you have any questions or would like to update over the phone, call or email Rebecca at 206-842-5009 x204.
How do I change or cancel my recurring donation?
Please call or email Rebecca, our development coordinator, at 206-842-5009 x204 or rebeccan [at] yesmagazine.org.

Email Newsletters

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from an email newsletter?
Click here to subscribe. The easiest way to unsubscribe is to use the unsubscribe option on a newsletter you have just received.
How do I change my newsletter email address?
To change your email address for an emailed newsletter, you can select the Manage option found inside the email newsletter you have received.

Delivery Problems

I don't think I received my most recent print issue.
Can I get another?
YES! is mailed quarterly, generally mid February, May, August and November. Just contact customer service to request a replacement issue.
Was my gift subscription delivered?
YES! is mailed quarterly, in mid February, May, August and November. Please contact customer service customer service to request a replacement print issue if it has been more than 5 weeks since your order date (8 weeks outside the US-order our digital edition and receive the current issue immediately and eliminate foreign shipping costs)

Login Questions

I entered my email address, but it says I don't have an account. Why is that?
I get emails from you all the time, so I know you have my email address.
We may not have your email address connected with your subscription or store account, or you may never have set up a password for your account. Just go to our log in page, and set up a password for your subscription account. If you have already set up an account and have forgotten your password, click the link for "Forgot your password?" and we will email a new password.
I still can't get access to my account. Can you help? I'm getting frustrated....
Just contact our customer service representatives and they will help you. Either email us or phone us on the number shown at the bottom of this page. We are generally available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm PST.