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The Post-Corporate World

The Post-Corporate World
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The Post-Corporate World:
Life After Capitalism

David Korten
Paperback, September 2000, 336 pages

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There is a deep chasm between the promises of the new global capitalism and the reality of social breakdown, spiritual emptiness, and environmental destruction it is leaving in its wake. In this important book, David Korten makes a compelling and well-documented case that capitalism is actually delivering a fatal blow not only to life, but also to democracy and the market.

The Post-Corporate World presents readers with a profound challenge and an empowering sense of hope.

"In my newly released book, The Post-Corporate World: Life After Capitalism, I call economies with these life-affirming characteristics "mindful market economies," because they combine mindful ethical cultures with self-organizing economic relationships that bear a remarkable resemblance to the market economy described more than 200 years ago by British moral philosopher Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations. Smith wrote about place-based economies comprised of small, locally owned enterprises that function within a community-supported ethical culture to engage people in producing for the needs of the community and its members. The economy Smith envisioned is nearly the mirror opposite of our existing global economy, which is best described by the term capitalism." — David Korten

"A road map to a more humane future in which everyone matters."
—Gloria Steinem