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Americans Who Tell the Truth

Americans Who Tell the Truth
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Americans Who Tell the Truth

Robert Shetterly
Paperback, June 2005, 48 pages

Price: $5.95
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Robert Shetterly's series highlights Americans past and present whose dignity, courage, and honesty have shaped this country. This beautiful coffee-table book is an eloquent collection of portraits and stirring words of these brave citizens from all walks of life.

“I titled the collection Americans Who Tell the Truth to recognize that telling the truth about our nation and its needs is not a small act, but one of great bravery. Marion Wright Edelman, head of the Children’s Defense Fund, once said, “What’s wrong with our children? Adults telling children to be honest while lying and cheating. Adults telling children not to be violent while marketing and glorifying violence. I believe adult hypocrisy is the biggest problem children face in America.” I have repeated that quote to students of all ages all over this country and have yet to find a student who disagreed with it.

I would not classify my decision to give up my former artistic career to paint these portraits as an act of courage, but I would call it an act of defiance, of resistance, of refusal to accept a lie as a patriotic reason for war, of refusal to accept that a country that allows a presidential election to be stolen is the greatest democracy on earth. The portraits are an affirmation that only through persistent courage and dedicated citizenship can we maintain our ideals. If we want to define the destiny of this country as a movement toward enlightenment and justice, we have to accept the responsibility of making that happen.”

— Robert Shetterly