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Long Way on a Little

Long Way on a Little
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Long Way on a Little

An Earth Lover's Companion for Enjoying Meat, Pinching Pennies and Living Deliciously

Shannon Hayes
Paperback, Sept 2012, 266 pages

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“Every earth-conscious home cook who wishes to nourish his or her family with sustainable, local, grassfed and pastured meats should be able to do so, regardless of income,” argues Shannon Hayes. “We just have to change how we’re eating.”

Featuring an extensive collection of recipes and tips, Long Way on a Little not only helps home cooks make the most effective and economical use of their locally raised livestock, it also delivers a practical understanding of the role of livestock in rebuilding a sustainable society. The result is family-pleasing, nutrient-dense, affordable cuisine that is a joy to prepare, rich in authentic flavor, and steeped in the wisdom of the world’s greatest culinary traditions.

  • Recipes for cooking all major cuts of grassfed and pastured meats
  • Carbohydrate counts on all recipes for low carb and diabetic diets
  • Guide to Grain-free, Legume-free, Dairy-free and Paleo-friendly recipes
  • Full-color insert illustrating fundamental techniques for working with whole animals: from grilling steaks and rendering fat, to making soap, salve, candles and more
  • Extensive section on soups and leftovers
  • Lively, up-to-date discussions of current issues pertaining to sustainable livestock farming in North America
  • Money-saving tips for making delicious meals go as far as possible