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Agenda for a New Economy: 2nd Edition

Agenda for a New Economy: 2nd Edition
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Agenda for a New Economy:
From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth

David C. Korten
Paperback, 2nd Edition, August 2010, 288 pages

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Nearly two years after the economic meltdown joblessness and foreclosures are still endemic, Wall Street executives are once again getting massive bonuses, and there doesn’t seem to be the will in Washington to make desperately needed fundamental changes to the economy. Change will have to come from below. Agenda for a New Economy is the handbook for that revolution.

In this revised and updated edition Korten offers more in-depth advice on how to mount a grassroots campaign to bring about an economy based on locally-owned, community-oriented "living enterprises," whose success is measured as much by their positive impact on people and the environment as by their positive balance sheet.

"At last, a book by one of our most brilliant economic thinkers that outlines the real causes of—and solutions to—the current economic crisis."
— John Perkins, NY Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

"It’s time for a fundamentally new economic model—Agenda for a New Economy is a much needed roadmap for those ready to get started."
— Annie Leonard, author and creator of The Story of Stuff

2011 Independent Publisher Book Award silver medalist.

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