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When Corporations Rule the World

When Corporations Rule the World
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When Corporations Rule the World

David C. Korten
Paperback, 2nd Edition, May 2001, 385 pages

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David Korten’s bestseller has become a modern classic. His warnings about the growing global power of multinational corporations seem prophetic today.

While Korten points out the power of multinationals, he also offers reason for hope: the growth of the international Living Democracy movement opposing corporate rule.

“This is a 'must-read' book—a searing indictment of an unjust international economic order, not by a wild-eyed idealistic left-winger, but by a sober scion of the establishment with impeccable credentials. It left me devastated but also very hopeful. Something can be done to create a more just economic order.”
— Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate

“When Corporations Rule the World spells out the reality and consequences of a corporate-dominated globalizaiton process and how it is undermining democracy. It sets forth an agenda for regaining citizen sovereignty that is the important starting point on the long road back to democracy.”
— Maude Barlow

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