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Gandhi 4 Gifts Poster

Gandhi 4 Gifts Poster
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Gandhi's 4 Gifts Poster
Wisdom For Revolutionaries

11x17" Mini-poster, printed on sturdy 100% postconsumer waste recycled card stock, folded.

A (non) + Himsa (violence) = Ahimsa

Gandhi lived Ahimsa as a daily practice, waging peace to stop war and violence, and proving that truth force is more powerful than brute force.

Ahimsa reveals forms of peace that extend far beyond mere absence of war. For Gandhi, peace means walking with truth and justice, patience and compassion, courage and loving-kindness. Ahimsa actively promotes universal well-being and encourages the flourishing of all life.

This beautiful poster details Gandhi's 4 sustaining pillars for Ahimsa:

Justice for All Creatures


The Genius of the Local

Nonviolent Revolution

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